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Esquire Tax Solutions
 is a personalized income tax planning and preparation service that benefits the following types of clients:

  • Taxpayers who view taxes as more than just a duty/obligation, but rather appreciates the rewards and opportunity available through proper planning.
  • Taxpayers who understand that the tax code is complicated, largely in part because it is filled with favorable provisions that can benefit you..... 

Esquire Tax Solutions works with the following types of clients:

  • Self-employed and small business owners who fear they may be overpaying on taxes and are looking for proactive ways to reduce their tax liability.
  • Clients who are not satisfied with their current tax provider / CPA Firm due to limitations in scope of services or lack of personalized service.
  • Taxpayers facing a unique situation - such as death, divorce or other life changing event - requiring expertise, beyond that of turbo tax or HR Block.

Contact Esquire Tax Solutions to schedule your free no-obligation 30 minute phone consultation at 215-470-6480.

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