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Esquire Tax Solutions

Esquire Tax Solutions, founded in 2012, specializes in Tax Preparation, Planning and Problem Solving for small business and the self-employed. At Esquire, we pride ourselves on making sure your taxes are filed correctly, and before the due date, ensuring that you are paying the legal minimum tax to the IRS and the correct State. We do not rush through the process. Great attention to detail is important as mistakes can be costly. We take time to get to know our Clients and have many ongoing clients for ten years or more.

We will start with a review of your prior year tax return as a baseline for current year filing and ask you to identify any changes. Based on our experience, we will earmark potential audit red flags to make sure your filing is more likely accepted as filed and not revisited. We will also make suggestions on ways to save on taxes too. This may include making tax certain elections, retirement planning and choice of business entity. We will take the time to answer all the questions you have and make sure you are comfortable with the return before submitting to the IRS, as our goal is to educate you on your tax rights and obligations.

At Esquire, all matters are handled directly by the owner attorney, and not staff, so Clients deal with the Principal directly. This ensures that your needs are met by the highest trained and experienced individual. This also helps reduce lapses in communication and increases tax return accuracy, resulting in a quicker turnaround time for most projects. We facilitate an easy working relationship and are often available outside normal business hours. We can still help if you have moved to another state or are too busy to meet in person. Another benefit of working with Esquire is transparency in professional fees. Many engagements lend to a fixed price quote, which will be communicated upfront, so surprise billings are avoided. Additionally, pursuant to tax code, fees paid for tax services are most likely tax deductible.

Aside from preparing taxes, Esquire Tax Solutions also thrives in tax resolution. We are particularly astute in responding to audit inquiry letters, filing back tax returns and managing tax balances owed to IRS or State. As a licensed attorney, the principal has the highest possible designation for representing you in dealing with taxing authorities. Our communications are confidential and when appropriate, covered by the attorney-client privilege Many clients that engage on a resolution matter often become ongoing tax preparation clients. Experience in what causes problems for clients, has made the firm especially keen in identifying and avoiding potential tax preparation problems to begin with.