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“Kent is by far the best tax preparer we’ve ever met! We had acquired his services due to a complex situation and we’re so glad we did. We took the same information we gave him to H&R Block and they took almost over month to do their ‘research’ and to get back to me, only to tell me that we would owe about $26k. Kent, on the other hand, came back to us in less than 2 weeks. He did his research and advised us that nothing is owed and that we would be getting some money back. What a relief! But let me tell you, it’s not just about the outcome that I’m very happy with.

The first time we spoke with him over the phone, we were already impressed. He knows his stuff! He’s a very smart person, trustworthy, also very flexible with scheduling, and his services are reasonably priced. In addition, he kept us well informed and updated on the status of our ‘case’ which proved to us that we’re definitely in good hands. We highly recommend Kent for any of your tax needs!”

Sheena B.

“I’ve had a great experience working with Kent. We fist met when he helped me navigate a state tax problem (incorrectly paid taxes to VA while living in DC). Kent allowed me to resolve a several thousand tax debt to just a few hundred.

Since that great experience, Kent has helped me file state/Federal taxes for the last several years (during which time I had a lot of ‘life events’ during which I really appreciated his guidance and expertise.)

My primary interactions have been by phone and email which works great for me!”

Benjamin B.

“I contacted Kent out of the blue with a complicated tax issue and he was immediately helpful and responsive. He listened to an explanation of my situation, asked good questions, crunched some numbers, and then prepared an amended tax return to take advantage of a (somewhat obscure, at least to me) tax provision that allows a non-resident spouse to be treated as a resident for the tax year–which was particularly beneficial for us. By amending our return, he saved us thousands. I had previously done my own taxes but this type of work required a professional. I’m glad that I found Kent and would not hesitate to seek his services again.”

Noah B., Washington, DC

“If it’s Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals you call on Jordan. Or Babe Ruth in the bottom of the 9th to hit that home run. But when it comes to filing my taxes, there’s no one else I’d have in my corner than Kent of Esquire Tax Solutions. Even before meeting Kent, his office makes you feel like a VIP. His assistant smiled with a warm welcome and offered me a fresh latte while I was waiting! When I sat down with Kent to discuss my taxes, he immediately put me at ease.

I had purchased a house last year, started a small business, and set a goal to get the max refund on my individual income. With all these different scenarios Kent thoroughly explained how my expenses and home status would apply to my relevant deductions and refunds. Within a week Kent processed my paperwork – nicely emailed with an organized e-file ready to go! And for all the areas I needed to cover his price was extremely reasonable.

Now here’s where Kent went to rock star status. The IRS had incorrectly sent a letter to an old residence that prevented me from e-filing. Kent was extremely cool at offering advice on how to proceed. Though I ended up having to paper file, Kent turned the new return around like magic with a reliable understanding of how to send in my taxes. Throughout the whole process he was friendly, efficient, and extremely communicative. Working with Kent was the most stress-free tax experience I can remember in a while, and I’ll be sure to use him again.”

Mark P., Washington, DC

“His demeanor is very reassuring and courteous but when needed, he has proved himself to be a very assertive and highly effective advocate.”

Matt, Self-Employed

“I highly recommend Kent. I hired Kent for a complex tax issue. He is everything you could hope for in a attorney. Good communication, friendly, hard working, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable.”

Joe, Business Client

“I feel like I’m his only client at times, and I know he really cares about us and our success. He’s there when I need him. Part of our dream team.”

Nicole, Business Client