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Tax Attorney in Washington, DC

Numerous citizens rashly self-assess their taxes online by means of turbo tax or some other business program or software with no human oversight. While this choice may be adequate for very simplified and one state wage-based returns, it isn’t perfect for citizens with progressively complex recording needs. For example, real estate issues, land action, multi-state allotments, independent and self-employment work and international taxes and projects. Numerous mistakes on self-arranged returns can take place under these circumstances which can only exaggerate the original issue and further complicate the individual’s situation. Save time and money by doing things properly from the very beginning. Maybe you are progressing from self-planning returns due to an adjustment in life condition making your particular situation more complex. We strongly advise you to contact us and at the very minimum obtain a 15 minute consultation. Getting your questions answered accurately now can save you a lot of trouble later. Have you ever worked with a tax attorney? I’m sure you have numerous questions and Esquire Tax is here for you!

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Our Qualifications

With over ten years combined experience in the legal and accounting industries, Kent Rackett is an invaluable asset to those seeking legal and financial services for their personal life or business. This D.C. Tax Attorney is a one-stop shop for self employed professionals and small businesses, as he can offer legal AND tax advice. Whether you are anticipating serious tax problems requiring a tax savvy advocate or are self-employed or a small business owner seeking financial clarity, I look forward to hearing from you.

Esquire Tax Services is owned and operated by Kent Rackett, Esq., a certified tax attorney with over a decade of experience in the legal and accounting industry. He provides strategic legal tax, franchise tax, and accounting services to both individuals and businesses throughout Washington DC and beyond. Esquire Tax Solutions is a one-stop shop for self-employed professionals and small businesses alike, providing them both with legal and tax consultation. We are here to serve you and answer your questions, no matter how trivial you may feel they are. If you have questions that are bothering you, please address them. Many times even the most trivial problems can cause major problems if not attended to. With more than ten years joined involvement with the lawful and bookkeeping enterprises, Kent Rackett is a significant advantage for those looking for lawful and money related administrations for their own life or business. Kent is an attorney for independently employed experts and private ventures of all sizes. He can offer legitimate assessment advice and leadership. Whether you are foreseeing genuine expense issues requiring an assessment adroit backer or are independently employed or an entrepreneur looking for money related clearness, we look forward to hearing from you.

Tax Lawyer in Washington DC, Maryland

We specialize in Wash DC tax services and all the surrounding areas. DC presents its own set of unique tax issues that need to be dealt with very carefully. Issues such as DC franchise taxes, DC LLC Formation, DC Property taxes and more. Businesses in DC also have their own unique tax issues as well. For example: The District began requiring all businesses that pay business taxes to have a valid Basic Business License under the Business Licensing Processing Adjustment Act of 2008. With over a decade combined experience in the legal and accounting industries, Kent Rackett is an invaluable asset to those seeking legal and financial services for their personal life or business. Let us be your one-stop shop whether you are a self employed professional or own a small business. We would love to be your primary resource for legal and tax advice.

Avoid Problems – Be Pro-Active!

Owing back taxes to the IRS is dangerous. You should consult an attorney immediately as you do not want to be in trouble with a government agency, especially one that can make your financial situation even worse. Paying back those taxes, however, is often hard to do. There are many strategies and policies the taxpayer should be aware of in dealing with IRS debt. Navigating these waters alone can be difficult and often unwise. Our services go way beyond just answering your questions. We will also evaluate and discuss your situation to pre-empt problems that you may not be aware of. If we see anything in your personal or business horizon that gives us pause, we will happily share that information with you. Our consultations are friendly and painless. We would love to save you time and money by doing things correctly the first time and make sure you are protected. Lets get started! Contact Us today!